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Who Is Rod Robison, the Mentallusionist?

Rod Robison is a seasoned 35-year veteran of entertainment media – TV, radio, music, and stage. A popular Tucson, Arizona magician and mentalist for years, it was his fascination with illusion and how the senses are so easily deceived that led him to create his highly entertaining illusion show featuring mysteries of the mind – Mentallusions.

Rod has entertained and stunned audiences aboard Holland America Cruise Lines, London’s famed Magic Circle Theater, and as a regular, featured guest performer at Tucson, Arizona’s world famous Canyon Ranch Resort.

Although the amazing “powers” he demonstrates on stage have led many audience members to ask him if he’s psychic, he assures them that what appears to be paranormal is actually a cleverly disguised combination of psychology, misdirection, and illusion harnessed to direct people’s thoughts in a delightful, highly entertaining manner.

“My driving passion is not to deceive the audience or fool them with tricks,” says Robison, “but to share a few moments of wonder and laughter with them. And for each of us – audience member and me – to experience something amazing together.”

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