Your Office Christmas Party Will Be a Huge Success

with Rod Robison’s Mentallusions Show!

Office Christmas Party

When booking entertainment for your office Christmas party you want something that your staff will thank you for.  An evening of entertainment like nothing they’ve experienced before.  Something they’ll remember for a life-time.

Rod’s Mentallusions show has been delivering all of that and more for over a decade.  It’s an incredible magic and mindreading show that’s not only a load of fun but mind-boggling.  Forget the “rabbit in a hat” type magic show.  Mentallusions isn’t that at all.  Rod blows the audience out of their seats with his humor and mindreading skills.

Here are just a few of the amazing experiences your audience will enjoy at your upcoming office Christmas party.

Three audience members are invited to open a popular novel to any page and choose any word on that page.  Rod miraculously reveals each of their words.

An antique table begins to move on its own.  Then it takes flight while the audience gasps in unbelief.

Rod’s hilarious Mindreading Goose, an audience favorite, divines thought-of numbers from random audience members while keeping everyone in stitches.

Office Christmas partyAn audience member is brought to the stage and asked to think of a celebrity of her choice.  An envelope she’s been sitting on the entire time is opened to reveal a photo of her thought-of celebrity.

Your office Christmas party will be the one everyone will be talking about for months to come.  Here are just a few of the companies that found out how true that is.



“Amazing. absolutely amazing. This guy will amaze you!”
-Stevie Rabinowitz, Showtime NetworkOffice Christmas Party

“Mentallusions offered our guests an intriguing and fun experience….a great night of entertainment.”
– Andrea Kowalczyk, Canyon Ranch, Tucson

“Awesome, awesome show. Best we’ve had in years!”
-John roberts, District Manager Circle K

“I thoroughly enjoyed your show and look forward to the next time.”
-Graham Reed, Magic Circle Theater, London

This year’s office Christmas party will be the one that blows them out of the water and that they’ll be talking about for months.

Office Christmas Party


Give us a call or email us to secure your office Christmas party date.  As you can imagine, dates around Christmas get booked quickly, so don’t put it off.  Make this year’s party a huge success!


Click here to enjoy a few moments of Mentallusions.