Enjoy a few magical moments of Mentallusions.


Thanks for considering the magic of Mentallusions for your next event.

Before I tell you what the show is, let me tell you what it isn’t. .

It’s not your standard magic show. Not your regular magical entertainment. Not by any stretch. In fact, if you’re looking for a rabbit-in- the-hat, tuxedoed magician with some interesting tricks up his sleeve, then there are plenty of good magicians to choose from in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. But you’re probably not looking for me.

Instead, Mentallusions is a fun, audience- interactive comedy magic show with a ton of mind-bending mental “miracles” that will leave your guests exclaiming, “Unbelievable, I’ve never seen any magician do that!”

• An audience member opens a book to any page and merely thinks of any word out of thousands to choose from. In seconds I magically reveal her thought of word. A stunned audience gasps in unbelief.

• Another one of your attendees imagines she is looking into the eyes of a famous actor, musician, magician or other entertainer – someone known only to her – when the famous person’s name magically, mysteriously writes itself on a small, blank chalkboard.

• An antique table begins to move, slowly rises from the floor, then floats and magically dances across the stage. Jaws drop. Someone whispers, “No way!!” Everyone bursts into spontaneous applause.

Like I said, not your standard magic show. It’s not like any magic show you’ve experienced before, but it sure is magical!

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Throughout the entire Mentallusions event there are lots of laughs and plenty of remember-a-lifetime moments like these. And afterwards, your guests will thank you for inviting them to enjoy something truly magical but something they’ve never experienced before… and can’t wait to experience again.

The magic of Tucson, Arizona’s own Rod Robison: The Mentallusionist

Tucson, Arizona magician and mentalist Rod Robison provides corporate clients, resorts, private event planners, non-profit organizations and churches in Tucson, Phoenix and throughout Arizona with genuinely unique magical entertainment. Click on “Reviews” and read for yourself the many Tucson and Phoenix corporate clients who have been thrilled they hired Rod.

Highly acclaimed by Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona audiences, Mentallusions is an amazing experience of spectacular magic and mindreading, giving attendees memories to last a lifetime. Check out the rest of our website then share the amazing magic of Mentallusions with your next event in Tucson, Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona.

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